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More. Better. Faster. That seems to be what's coming at us, all around around us, even bubbling up inside of us. 14 years ago something changed the direction of my More Better Faster Train and gave me a complete 180.

Slower. Less hurried. Life-giving. What began as the most difficult thing I've ever experienced God has used greatly in my life. He helped me to slow down and focus on the important, rest more fully in Him, and cultivate healthy habits.

For me it was a diagnosis. For you maybe it's stress, schedule, health, relationships... the list could go on and on.

But the prescription is the same - Slower. Less hurried. Life-giving. With roots in Jesus.

That's why I created this video mini-course to share the actionable lessons I've learned along the way into some simple steps. Register now to receive these actionable 10-minute videos in this free mini-course.

Matt Heffner, Our Daily Rest

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    Understand The Source of Rest: In video #1 you'll learn why God is the true source of rest and resting in Jesus daily will completely change your life.
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    Get practical tips in video #2 to actually get great sleep each night including other suggestions to renew your energy each and every day.
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    Discover the 3 keys in video #3 to finally cultivate life-giving practices in your everyday life. The things that actually bring vitality to your relationship with God, your health, relationships, and more.
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    Specific, actionable, and simple steps in all video lessons you can take today, right now even, to choose to live a rested life in every area. One that's full of peace, purpose, and vitality each and every day.

You can access it right here, right now. It's time to finally stop feeling overwhelmed and busy and begin to live a life that cultivates our God given rest. 

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